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Prayer Activity 2

Our Vineyard Middle School Students

Our Vineyard Middle School students attend many different schools on the Westside.  Some of our Middle School students were raised in the Vineyard... some are new to the Vineyard.... some are friends of Vineyard students.  Middle schoolers are no strangers to change... with changing schools, changing schedules, changing friendships, and changing into a new phase of life. In the midst of almost constant change, we seek a change of lasting significance -- to be transformed from within, a change that must revolve around Jesus and experiencing and knowing His great love, plan, and purpose for their lives.

childrens ministry 4 Pray for our middle school students
(ages 11-14):

  • Let's pray that the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders of the Vineyard would not be influenced by peer pressure and that they would stand up for what is noble, right and true.
  • Pray for their identities to be formed in Christ
  • Pray for them to experience God as their rock during this unique season in their lives when most everything seems to be changing
  • Pray for freedom to worship boldly and pray passionately
  • Pray for friends who support them and encourage them in who they really are
  • Pray for self-awareness
  • Pray for safety in schools (as bullying can be a problem)
  • Pray for their parents to understand and recognize this unique season and their special needs
  • Pray that each Vineyard middle schooler would hear God's voice in life-transforming ways
  • Pray that they wouldn't 'grow up' too quickly
  • Pray that they would be secure in who the Father has created them to be
  • Pray that they would desire participation in Vineyard Youth activities
  • Pray that they would learn to love and be attracted to what is beautiful, true, and meaningful
  • Pray that their hearts would break over the injusticies in the world
  • Pray that they would have a fire within them for what is right
  • Pray that they would be evangelists whose faith is contagious
  • Pray for prophetic anointing
  • Pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit
  • Pray for sexual purity
  • Pray that they would pursue Jesus and know His love